Secure. Securer. Stacke.

Consistent further development of security products. That is exactly what we have successfully and proudly achieved ever since our foundation in the year 1872.

The STACKE team of security engineers and strongroom manufacturers is innovatively setting standards in the development of safes, strongrooms, strongroom doors and other demanding security products.

At our production site in Aachen, we plan, develop and manufacture solutions that satisfy all expectations of our clients – banks and financial institutions are convinced of our highest security standards.

We offer comprehensive consultation, innovative engineering, state-of-the-art production and a first-class service package in order to enthral our clients over the total range of services provided within the scope of our relationship with the clients.

Being a future-oriented, medium-sized company, we have – from the beginning to this very day – continuously focused on the latest requirements of the market and the security of our clients, and, from time to time, we also like to think some steps ahead.

The result is products and solutions that satisfy all European security standards and, in addition, withstand the canny approaches used by criminals in order to get access to someone else`s valuables.